What Stays In Vegas…


…doesn’t always stay in Vegas, does it?  A Hat Tip goes to a commenter for the story here:

June 15, 2007 — LEGAL eagles are shocked that Las Vegas police have allowed the names of Miami Heat superstar Shaquille O’Neal and former President Bill Clinton to be dragged into a prostitution case.

An accused Sin City madam, Esperanza Brooks, 36, dropped their boldfaced names as she bragged about having high-powered clientele while being secretly recorded by an undercover cop, according to a Las Vegas police report made public this week by the department. “These are not your average girls. Some of them have worked with Bill Clinton,” Brooks told an undercover officer while assuring him of her girls’ cleanliness, according to the Vegas police report. The Post’s Marianne Garvey also reports Brooks boasted to cops that she had 40 women working for her.

A spokesman for Clinton said, “Apparently, total fabrications that get made up in Vegas don’t stay in Vegas.” O’Neal’s reps failed to get back to Page Six for two days.

Las Vegas Metro Vice Lt. Karen Hughes told local TV station KLAS that Brooks “sold herself as being involved in high-end prostitution, which means the girls are very top-notch – dealt with celebrities.”

Fabrications?  With Bill’s womanizing reputation and with the call(s) and standing orders released  by Czarina?  Perhaps,  but doubtful.

So much for keeping things “zipped”.


4 Responses to “What Stays In Vegas…”

  1. bgoldberg Says:

    So is Bill Clinton claiming, “I did not have sex with that prostitute?”

  2. snooper Says:

    Apparently so

  3. dsolo Says:

    Big Willy Clinton always letting his “little willy” do the thinking for him.

  4. snooper Says:

    Poor Bill. LOL!

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