The Clintons And That Big Bad Oil Thing


Now I know why Hillary was prattling along about when she said she was going to take that “windfall profits from oil” monies away from the oil companies. She and Billy Bob were going to take their oil money, cut and run. They did this so that IF…IF…IF she and Billy Bob get into the White House…again; God forbid…they plan on raping the oil companies. As me mum says, “No worries.” They will already have taken their millions out.


From WaPo: Clintons Dissolve Blind Financial Trust. Millions in Stock Converted to Cash to Avoid Campaign Conflicts

Sounds OK, right? Sure. Happens all the time. What with their reputations of being class-act charlatans, they have decided to get their stuff out ahead of the game. I wish I could take $1,000 and turn it into $100,000.


Bill and Hillary Clinton have dissolved the blind trust that has managed their investments since they entered the White House in 1993, converting all stocks to cash to avoid financial conflicts as she runs for president, according to documents to be filed today with federal ethics officials.

The documents reviewed by The Washington Post provide the most complete accounting of how the Clintons accrued the $5 million to $25 million in the trust — nearly all since leaving the White House — through investments in foreign companies, oil giants and drugmakers without their input or knowledge and without public disclosure.

My double standards palsy detectors, bells and whistles are resounding on an exponential level. Foreign companies…outsourcing? Don’t these two whine about that topic? Why is it OK for them to utilize that concept but no one else? Oil giants…what? Those evil fuel dollar mongers? No wonder she hasn’t been whining (lately) about all that windfall profiteering. They are raking it in, folks. Such two-faced double standards are completely unacceptable. Drugmakers? Hello? Those evil pharmaceutical outfits? You know. The ones that are ripping off America?

Why is it OK for the Leftinistra to make millions of dollars under dubious ways and means (as they so often assert) but no one else can? Is everyone OK with this? I’m not.

The Clintons. The epitome of frauds, charlatans and two-faced robber barons.

Good God Almighty.


3 Responses to “The Clintons And That Big Bad Oil Thing”

  1. jmb Says:

    So then that would be Hillary Rob’em Clinton?

  2. snooper Says:

    LOL!! That’s a good one. Can I use that?

  3. Snooper Says:

    Oil and Water

    Ethics and Democrats

    The two don’t mesh. Behold:

    Ethics and the Clintons
    We have brought to your attention in previous posts the ill gotten gains of the Clintons and the Pelosis via the InfoUSA scandal both…

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