What Have the Democrats Achieved?


Nothing good. Hate and discontent is their mantra and Lord above knows the Democrats hate Him as well…at least the Upper Echelon of the Socialist Liberals anyway.

In the Economist, we read the following:

The new Democratic majority certainly started strong. In its first 100 hours the House passed six popular bills to show that this was no “do-nothing Congress”, as its Republican-controlled predecessor had been labeled.

And yet the past six months has also shown how painfully blocked-up America’s checks-and-balances system can be. For all of the attention-grabbing activity, nothing concrete has yet been achieved. That 100-hours plan? Except for changes to the House’s own rules, none of the other bills has become law; most are languishing in the Senate. A bill on stem-cell research recently passed both chambers, but it now faces George Bush’s veto. The “100 Hours” may be remembered as a catchy campaign slogan, but it may produce precisely nothing of legislative substance. At least the 1994 “Contract with America” helped to get the ball rolling on welfare reform.

What we have now is a lame-duck congress and lame-duck democrats running for president with their lame-duck socialist ideals and principles.


10 Responses to “What Have the Democrats Achieved?”

  1. JimPanzee Says:

    I probably shouldn’t even be here but I stumbled on your blog and I just have a few comments:

    In two years, or twenty, or two hundred we will have two or more parties in power. Those two parties will have different ideas of what makes a good country and how to do it. The party in power will propose legislation, and the opposing party will try to stop it. That’s how it has always been done, that’s how it will always be done. That’s their job. It is unfortunate when the differences are so stark (and the margin of power so slight) that nothing gets done.

    However, to be fair, if the Democrats had succeeded in passing their proposed bills into law you’d be complaining about that too, because you don’t share the Democrat’s values.

    So if you had wanted to stay true to the first sentence of your post, where you complain that all the Democrats know how to do is hate, you could have had a very positive post about how your hard working Republicans didn’t allow the Democrats to do what they wanted since January. I mean, as a lefty, I’m probably more ticked off that the Democrats have had a poor showing over the last six months than you are.

    (And I think you need to look up what “lame-duck” means. It’s not a general political insult. It actually means something and cannot be applied to the entirety of Congress with any reasonable meaning. Unless you mean to imply the “Democrat-controlled Congress is “lame duck” which is more political analysis than fact.)

  2. snooper Says:

    One should not take a text out of context. It breeds a pre-text and THAT is what you have done.

    Not ALL Democrats are dumber than dog-poo but the upper echelon of your party do NOT have traditional American Values in mind. Most every day, average, run-of-the-mill Democrats and Republicans DO have American Values in mind.

    Our current crop of CONgressional idiots no longer listen to “We The People”.

    Learn more of this here:


  3. JimPanzee Says:

    I’m not sure if that comment was directed to me or not but I will respond as if it was. I didn’t take any text out of context and so it is impossible to have bred a pre-text.

    1) The context of the first line of the post clearly indicates that at least one reason that people should dislike Democrats is because of their mantra of hate and discontent. What followed in the rest of the blog was non-validated hate and discontent, and a particularly ironic species of hate and discontent that I saw as unnecessary and misdirected.

    2) If I have a party, the Democrats are my party by default. I have a great many very conservative views which are not held by any of my elected Democratic representatives. Unfortunately the Republicans that hold conservative views I share also hold a great many other views that I find fairly repugnant.

    3) Claims about what are or are not “American values” have been made since before there was an “America.” They have always been different for different people. Appeals to American values made by Democrats make Republican angry. Claims of American values by Republican make Democrats angry.

    4) Elected Senators and Representatives have always had to compromise their dual roles as guardians of the American people and as representatives of the American people. Many people, Republican and Democrat alike, want out of Iraq. It is Democrats trying to listen to “We the People” that has Republican so fired up right now. Meanwhile Republicans in their role as guardians are refusing to listen to the majority voice in favor of doing what they think is “right for the American people” instead of what they want. In a month or an hour Democrats will be doing something against the will of the people to do “what’s right” while Republicans demand a return to “listening to the people.” We have to move past the rhetoric.

    5) While highlighting the prefix “con” in “Congressional” will often garner a few laughs, it is of course etymologically incorrect to use it as an insult. While “con” means “to cheat or swindle” the prefix “con-” is the means “with.” It’s the same morpheme that appears in words like “compromise,” “consent,” and “contract.” Capitalizing “con-” actually emphasizes exactly the opposite quality of congress that you hope to.

    I will check out snooper in just a moment.

  4. snooper Says:

    The comment was directed in your direction and you have done the “pre-text” deal once again.

    Using “big” words only impress those that use them.

    Our current CONgress have not represented “We The People” in decades and it is time to Take Our Country Back.

    Traditional American Values are those upon which this country was founded. One can find them in the Federalist Papers, Declaration of Independence and most of all, within the Constitution.

    The Judiciary has usurped the power and control (checks and balances) from the Executive and Legislative Branches.

    The Leftinistra (the Armies of the Socialist Liberal) shiite on American Values all day long. The Leftinistra CONtrol the Democratic Party and have infiltrated the Republican Party and from what we can tell, we think to about 50%. I am not talking about the populace. I am talking about the actual members and workers within CONgress.

    Pretty words don’t change it.

  5. JimPanzee Says:

    The two biggest words in our exchange have been “pre-text” a word that, as far as I can tell you don’t know the meaning of, and “morpheme” a word that means, essentially “the smallest unit of meaning in a word” which I used as a synonym (a word that means the same as another word) for “prefix.” I use synonyms to add variety to what I write, not to “pretty it up” in order to trick you.

    And I agree many of our “American values” are found in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, but are you trying to convince me, or anyone else, that the meanings and consequences of those documents haven’t been debated since Day 1? The Federalist Papers themselves were a form of debate. There isn’t even agreement within them, let alone outside of them. You can fool some of the people all the time…

    The Federalist Papers in particular were written with the idea in mind of persuading the general populous that a qualified federalist system was best. They were written very prettily and were instrumental in getting the legislators from all original 13 territories to sign onto the Constitution. Turns out pretty words can change stuff.

  6. snooper Says:

    That was almost funny. The whole post has been hovering above your head but the Leftinistra never can grasp realities. Look up…you’ll see it.

    Your poor attempt at changing the intent of the post is lacking. Obviously, you haven’t read the article. read the article first before your foolishness outs you as a troll.

    Don’t be afraid.

    “Don’t confuse opinion with fact. Opinions vary, but the facts remain.”

  7. JimPanzee Says:

    My original intent remains intact. The original post, to which I am responding, not some article or other, makes the intent of the original blogger very clear: he or she is upset that Democrats haven’t done anything since taking control of Congress in January, that their general hatred and their lack of “getting the job done” makes them deserving of scorn. I stated that this blogger shouldn’t be upset, but instead should look on the bright side: Democrats haven’t done anything since January.

    And you’re right, I haven’t read “the article.” I don’t even know which article your talking about. But that doesn’t make me a troll. I wasn’t responding to an article, I was responding to the original post in way that I thought was moderately non-partisan and actually quite positive.

    Now, if this elusive “article” is The Economist article quoted in the post, I don’t think I have to read it in order to have made the comments I made about this post because I was only commenting on the sour attitude of the post and not much else. On the other hand if this “article” is the one to which you linked. I followed that link and it just went to your blog which I perused and even made a comment there as well.

    My understanding of trolldom is such that I should only be making comments in order to raise someone’s ire, and that is not my intention. I could just stick around on the liberal politics blogs and say “I agree, I agree” I’ve done that. But I also like to hear what people on “the other side” are saying. I’ve only recently started trying to find other people’s blogs and making comments on them. It seems that if I’d wanted to be a troll I could just start screaming and ranting and raving. I think my original comment was reasonable and I think the follow-ups I’ve made to your attacks have been reasonable.

    And seriously if you are the “snooper” whose bio appears on the blog you link to, aren’t you a little to old to be humoring yourself with cute words you made up like “Leftinistra” and ridiculous spellings like “CONtrolling” “CONgress” and capitalizing “Take Our Country Back?” (This last bit is a little troll-like, I admit, but you won’t stop doing it so I thought I’d ask.)

  8. snooper Says:

    Writing lengthy essays doesn’t lend you any credibility either.

    I guess you are new at this.


    Read the post, click the link, read the article.

    Really. Don’t be so afraid.

    Come back with valid comments after you figure out how this works.

  9. JimPanzee Says:

    This will be my last statement on the topic.
    1) so far you haven’t commented once to my original comment but instead have…
    2) used a term called pre-text without describing how I committed the act
    3) knocked me for using “big words” which I haven’t done
    4) condemned me for writing “lengthy essays” which I also have not done
    5) told me this conversation was “above my head”
    6) called me a name (that I might add, you made up and doesn’t actually mean anything)
    7) and yelled at me (BY WRITING IN ALL CAPS) that I should be clinking links to articles that you quoted in your post. Once again, I don’t have to read the article, my comment wasn’t about the article, it was about _your_ reaction to its contents.

    So I’ll repeat my initial comment: You can rant and rave and find horrible conspiracies in the world of government if you want to but, seriously, the shoddy state in the legislative branch has just prevented the “Leftinistras” from getting any of their “Leftinistra” laws passed for six months. I just don’t understand why that bothers you so darn much. Would you have wanted instead that Reid, Pelosi, Clinton et al been able to do whatever they wanted? You just can’t have it both ways.

  10. snooper Says:

    I guess Proleptic writing confuses you. That’s OK. Being afraid is your way. Have fun.

    As to not replying to your first comment that way you wanted me to is merely tough luck and inconsequential. That’s OK. I don’t bow to trolls.

    If the gist of the post as it relates to the article misses your trollness, that is your bad and not mine.

    Have fun.

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