Least Liked Candidate…Hillary


From CNN:

Does likeability matter for a presidential candidate?

It may not be the determining factor, but likeability does matter.

Hillary Clinton is now the frontrunner among New Hampshire Democrats. But when Democrats were asked which candidate they find most likeable, Clinton came in third, behind Barack Obama and John Edwards.

H/t: Amanda Carpenter


2 Responses to “Least Liked Candidate…Hillary”

  1. bgoldberg Says:

    You’ve got to wonder how the candidate with the highest negative ratings of ALL the candidates could possibly be the frontrunner.

    I think the answer is perception. Hillary has hired many people to actually run some of the polling data. InfoUSA was hired to run the CNN polls (which if you notice always has her way ahead of the rest of the candidates), so I would be surprised if she’s hired people to run other polling places.

    There was a recent LA Times/Bloomberg poll this week that showed Hillary trailed all three top Republicans, and Obama was the most electable Democrat.

    The next day, there was a poll showing Hillary the clear front runner, and beating all Democrats. Whenever a poll comes out showing Hillary trailing, you’ll quickly see a new poll showing her the leader.

    I’m convinced that she’s not nearly as far ahead in the polls, and her numbers are purposely being inflated to deceive the public that she’s the inevitable candidate so people will vote for her.

    The reality is, the early polling numbers mean nothing right now, but they are trying to influence voters. Not all the candidates have even entered the race yet, and I think a lot of surprises are still in store for this race.

  2. snooper Says:

    bgoldberg…excellent perception and well stated.
    I heard a snippet today about Hillary lecturing somebody on the Rule of law. I about ran off the road laughing my ass off!
    Can you imagine listening to ANY Clinton lecturing ANYONE about the Rule of Law?
    There is a web site http://www.hillaryhub.com/ that just cracks me up.
    News Flash to the Clintonistas…no matter what color one paints a turd, it is STILL a turd; just a pretty turd.

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