Bill’s Been Told…Keep It Zipped!


And no more embarr”ass”ments.  Or else! So who runs the family? Golly Sarge!

What’s going on with the old Horndog-in-Chief? There hasn’t been a whiff of scandal for months. Bill Clinton’s friendship with Canada’s ‘blonde bombshell’ MP Belinda Stronach is over, although nobody is sure what it was in the first place.

They looked hot a year ago, with the charisma of power, but Belinda has since quit Canadian politics to return to the family firm selling car parts to Detroit, and is having an affair with a ‘tough guy’ from the Maple Leafs ice hockey team.

The only other name to surface is that of Demi Moore, the Hollywood star best known for posing naked twice on the cover of Vanity Fair. And all that erupted then was a complaint from Moore’s toy-boy husband, Ashton Kutcher, that Clinton ignored him and “was hitting on my wife” right through a Hollywood dinner. No stains on little black dresses here. This is a serious issue. The fates of nations hinge on it. Hillary Clinton is the front-runner for the White House in next year’s election. If Bill gets caught with someone other than his wife in the next 18 months, the damage potential is incalculable.

It is a pretty sad state of “affairs” that articles like this are even written.  I doubt Hillary will ever see the inside of the White House Resident Quarters as a resident but,  if on the outside chance she does, do you think she will change the carpets and rearrange some things?

And the Secret Service had better make sure every thing is made out of that stuff Nerf Balls are made of.  Hillary has a habit of throwing things.


4 Responses to “Bill’s Been Told…Keep It Zipped!”

  1. bgoldberg Says:

    The latest on the horn-dog-in-chief is a prostitute was just busted in Vegas, and name Bill Clinton as one of his clients:

  2. What Stays In Vegas… « Hot Rodham Blog Says:

    […] Stays In Vegas… …doesn’t always stay in Vegas, does it?  A Hat Tip goes to a commenter for the story […]

  3. snooper Says:

    Thanks for the tip!

  4. We Have The Pods…Seen The Peas? « Hot Rodham Blog Says:

    […] Perhaps this is the only way Hillary can get Billary to “keep it zipped“? […]

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