Hillary’s Achilles Heel


Nice post over at Real Clear Politics on the danger Hillary’s high unfavorables present to her campaign:

In general election matchups versus the top tier Republicans, Clinton now regularly underperforms Obama. The question then becomes whether a Democratic electorate that is desperate for a Presidential win after two excruciatingly close election losses will begin to care more about Clinton’s underperformance in the general election polls.

[. . .]

This all comes back to Hillary Clinton’s extremely high unfavorables. If these head-to-head matchups with the leading GOP candidates continue to show Senator Obama or other Democratic candidates running significantly better in the general election, it could have a significant impact on Democratic primary voters who are in no mood for another bitter disappointment next November.

Read the whole post to get the LA Times Poll details.


2 Responses to “Hillary’s Achilles Heel”

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    […] Achilles Heal…Part 2 As we have presented previously, we continue with the expose of the woman that would be Czar. John Dickerson over at Slate asks the […]

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