Hillary The Racist, Angry Bigot


Surprised?  I’m not.  I may be old  but I still remember her remarks and her lies.


2 Responses to “Hillary The Racist, Angry Bigot”

  1. Jen Says:

    This would be much more powerful if it could be read. THe text was fuzzy and faint, too many times. And the background cartoon character, though well done, made it harder to read. Also, it looped the “I may have called someone a name” too much, and again, detracted from the text.

    She is a bigot, a racist, a liar, and certainly does NOT care about the United States of America. She is Michael Moore in a powdered wig. If elected, she will destroy this country, and say we deserved it for being “evil Americans”.

    After 9/11, when all the senators and congressmen gathered with Mayor Guiliani at ground zero, she was snickering. THe WHOLE TIME. It was tasteless, it was cold, and she cannot claim she wasn’t aware she was on camera – she ALWAYS knows. It was LIVE TV, and she was mocking the whole thing. I saw it with my own eyes and was HORRIFIED – SURELY New York would remember, and not re-elect her, right? Nope, they forgot. She csomehow causes amnesia, and gets re-elected.

    I remember. DO you?

  2. snooper Says:

    Jen…I sent an email to the clip developer asking if there was a clearer version. You are correct in your critique. At the least, the message is there.

    Hillary is a two-faced liar as well as a bigot. I will try and find another video on this subject.

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