Hillary Lied (again) About Gas Prices


I remember this “gathering” waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2006 when the Defeatocrats were yammering on and on with their usual lies and spin, about how if Americans wanted lower gas prices, vote for the Defeatocrats in November.

Well? What happened? One of these days, I am going to find the YouTube version of this Fox News video.

The show was Neil Cavuto and it aired 5/16/07. I suppose the lies back then are why there is NO outrage over the fuel costs because it isn’t close enough to the elections of ’08. Also, it has been the Democrats for the last 30+ years that have stopped ALL avenues of alternative fuels and fuel explorations and refinery improvements/construction.

SEN. CHARLES SCHUMER, D-N.Y.: Had George Bush gotten his hands around this problem when he first took office, the price would not be $3 a gallon, but $2 a gallon or a $1.80 a gallon or a $1.50 a gallon.

SEN. HILLARY CLINTON, D-N.Y.: This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. We are not going to get that from this administration or this Republican Congress.

SEN. BARBARA BOXER, D-CALIF.: We will do better. We need a new direction.

Amazing. The Three Amoebas. Vague is as vague does. How come we NEVER get a straight answer from these clowns?


I found the YouTube video!!  You tell me.  Who lied?


4 Responses to “Hillary Lied (again) About Gas Prices”

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  3. redhawk Says:

    OK Gang all kidding aside .. when you see Schmuckie, Hitlery and the Boxxer Hide your kids, hide your wallets and after shaking their hands.. COUNT YOUR FINGERS!!! 3 narcisstic Morons in search of additional LIES to foster on the uninformed public!!

  4. snooper Says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! redhawk, you and BOAZ crack me up!

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