Smartest Woman On Earth?


Smartest Woman On Earth?

Then why does she look constipated?  Just wondering.

With her Alinsky adoration and her refusal to come clean on her Iraq War vote that she rooted for and approved of; and her swaying in the breeze by the polls,  what level of intelligence is there, actually?  Just wondering.  And what of the sudden jibber-jabber of religion and faith?  Just curious.

And what of the relationship with Karl?

Now that you’ve had a few days to consider, what do you think?

I’m referring to the recent nationally-televised “faith and values” discussion showcasing Hillary Rodham Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama.For the casual channel-surfer, it may have looked like an episode of Pat Robertson’s “700 Club” religious program.

But it was not the “700 Club,” and Pat Robertson was nowhere to be found.

Indeed, it was CNN hosting and televising an event last week, co-sponsored by the liberal “Sojourners” Christian advocacy organization, wherein three presidential candidates talked openly about the significance of religion.

Now, there are at least a few things about this combination — CNN, political candidates, and talk of religion – – that might make one a bit cynical.

First, while CNN’s on-screen graphics read “Presidential Candidate’s Forum,” the event only included candidates from one party – – the Democratic party – – and even then, only the top three candidates from that one party got to participate.

What would Karl Marx think of this?


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