Hillary Bios Shed Light on the Real Hillary


It is hard to open up a paper or a magazine without reading a review of the latest Hillary Clinton biographies. Most reviewers seem to agree that the books lack much shock value but still manage to paint Hillary in a rather unflattering light.

Byron York’s review at National Review Online is a good example. York explains his take on the books:

Though bereft of headline-making disclosures, each book contains page after page of new details, some of them so far ignored in the press, that reveal Hillary Rodham Clinton to be even more secretive, even more politically tin-eared, and even more combative than previously known.

He goes on to describe revelations in the book that show Hillary to be intimately involved in the “down-and-dirty” work of squashing the bimbo eruptions that her husband was so prone to generating. Both during the campaign and in the White House Hillary played a central role in covering up details, demonizing opponents, and preventing potential allegations from surfacing. WIthout Hillary’s hard ball activities one has to wonder whether husband Bill would have ever become President.

It also appears her personality rubbed people the wrong way – shocking I know. York describes how during the health care initiative fiasco Hillary made enemies of even loyal democrats looking to help the President:

Bernstein describes a meeting in April 1993 at which Hillary briefed top party leaders on the health-care task force’s progress. When then-senator Bill Bradley suggested that some changes might be required, she told him to forget it; if any lawmakers even tried, she said, the White House would “demonize” them. Bradley later unloaded on Bernstein. “That was it for me in terms of Hillary Clinton,” he said. “You don’t tell members of the Senate you are going to demonize them. It was obviously so basic to who she is. The arrogance. The assumption that people with questions are enemies. The disdain. The hypocrisy.” [emphasis mine]

Arrogance? Disdain? Hypocrisy? Hillary? Could this be the same women who smiles from out television sets today?

York concludes with a dead on description of the former first lady:

The Hillary Clinton of A Woman in Charge and Her Way is a woman who would do almost anything to gain power but didn’t know what to do with it once she got it, beyond battling her enemies and alienating her friends.

One can only hope the country gains an understanding of Hillary Clinton before it’s too late.


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  1. University Update Says:

    Hillary Bios Lack Bombshells

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