Yukkin’ It Up With The Unions


NY Post

 So.  Here she is yapping about “spending more money” that we don’t have on an area that is already booming.  What she didn’t say was HOW she would GET the money to spend.  But that’s OK.  We already know she is a tax and spender.

And her chat about education, well,  we already know she plans on raising taxes on that as well to get that $10B plan of hers going.

And her universal health care is going to cost more than it does now when she gets done with it.

Naturally, she will blame Bush. 

June 10, 2007 — DETROIT – Hillary Rodham Clinton told union members and their families yesterday that the country must spend more on manufacturing.

“If we don’t have a strong manufacturing base in our economy, it won’t be long until we don’t have a strong economy,” the New York senator said in her first visit to Michigan since declaring her candidacy.

She also cited education, said she wanted to work for universal health care and would bring troops home from Iraq.

Clinton’s presentation, attended by about 700 union members and their families, was part of an effort by the national AFL- CIO to have the rank and file meet Democratic presidential candidates in town-hall style formats.


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