The Problem With Hillary and Ethics


Perhaps the word “problem” is the incorrect descriptor.  How about dilemma?  Quagmire?  Fiasco?  Conflict?  Why do the members of the DNC resort to hiring former ethic-challenged individuals to represent them?

The Clinton Campaign today announced that Florida Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Congressman Alcee Hastings have been named national Campaign Co-Chairs.

“We need a leader with a clear vision and sound judgment, who can work with a Democratic Congress to renew the promise of America. Hillary is that leader,” Rep. Wasserman Schultz said.

Rep. Hastings said, “When we elect the next President Clinton, this country will be a much better place for the African-American community, Floridians and all Americans.”

Both Reps. Wasserman Schultz and Hastings serve in the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives, and Hastings is the Vice Chair of Florida’s congressional delegation.

“I am delighted that Debbie and Alcee will take on leadership roles in my campaign,” Clinton said. “With their help, we will bring our message of change throughout Florida and across the country.”

“Message of change”?  That’s more of that non-descriptive “sound-good” nonsense.  Hillary not only has a problem with ethics but the messages she emits are empty and shallow.  The words are there for all  to read and hear but there is no substance.  What does “it” mean?  Alas.  I digressed.  On to the ethics issue.

Hastings got appointed to the federal bench by Jimmy Carter in 1979. In less than two years, he got indicted for soliciting a bribe in an FBI sting. In 1983, he won an acquittal, but a subsequent House investigation found that he had committed perjury in that trial. The House Judiciary Committee authorized a whopping seventeen counts for impeachment against Hastings in 1988.

The man chairing Judiciary at the time? None other than John Conyers, Jr, a longtime member of Democratic leadership. In fact, the House voted to impeach Hastings in a massively bipartisan vote of 413-3, and the Senate convicted him on 8 of 11 counts they considered. He became only the sixth federal judge ever removed by impeachment. Hastings attempted to play the race card, but Conyers strongly rejected that, and a majority of the Congressional Black Caucus voted for his impeachment.

Ethics?   What ethics?  Such leadership, eh?


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