Talk, Talk, Talk


And NOTHING gets done.  This is what happens when States Rights are usurped by the CONgressional Elitists.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton told religious leaders this week she agrees with setting a goal of “zero” abortions by bringing pro-life and pro-choice groups together, but those groups say there is little consensus upon which to build.

At a forum this week sponsored by the evangelical social-justice group Sojourners, the Rev. Joel C. Hunter of Florida asked the New York Democrat about abortion.

“I know you’re pro-choice, but you have indicated that you would like to reduce the number of abortions,” he said. “Could you see yourself, with millions of voters in a pro-life camp, creating a common ground, with the goal ultimately in mind of reducing the decisions for abortion to zero?”

Mrs. Clinton nodded, telling attendees of the nationally televised event: “Yes, yes.”

She repeated a line she has been using for nearly two decades that she wants abortions to be “safe, legal and rare.”  “And, by rare, I mean rare,” she said, to applause. “The pro-life and the pro-choice communities have not really been willing to find much common ground. … That is a great failing on all of our parts. … There are many opportunities to assist young people to make responsible decisions.”

Thank God for the  internet that Gore made!  We can keep track of the various positions of Hillary that change with the wind!


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  2. snooper Says:

    Trackbacks. We like those.

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