Poor hillary…No Matter How Hard She Tries…


Poor hillary…No Matter How Hard She Tries…

we STILL have her pegged as the liar she is.  David Limbaugh has her number.  Have I mentioned that hillary is a fraud as well as being a liar?  Just curious.  We have all heard the Bidens and company claim that “this is Bush’s war” and now Hillary parrots that same lie and lame DNC rhetoric.

In David Limbaughs article: “…I was reminded of that as I watched Hillary’s latest gyration on the war in Iraq. In a recent interview she said, “This is Bush’s war.” Nice try, Hillary, but the inescapable truth is that it is also your war. As much as you’d like to divest yourself of ownership in it, as much as you’d like to convey your interest in it to a gutter rat, like, say, George W. Bush, this is your war, too.

Poor Hillary. Those of us with a speck of discernment always knew she was just pretending to be hawkish to make herself appear more presidential back before the war’s popularity went in the gutter along with our proverbial rat. We also knew that eventually she would have to account to the antiwar Democratic base for her apostasy…”

Hillary…stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I do, however,  take issue with David’s statement, “…before the war’s popularity went in the gutter …”.

What does that mean?  Is that more journalistic political correctness garbage?  No wonder someone once told me not to go into journalism.  I was told that it was a dying “art”.  Popular?  By whose standards?  And by whose definition?

I remember WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in High School days when certain people were “popular”.  The anti-establishment crowds were “popular”.  The criminal elements were “popular”.  The girls that slept around were “popular”.  I figured out way back then that being “popular” was not really a good thing.  I wasn’t “popular” but I did have one of the fastest cars in 5 counties, I was a track star (always in the paper) and I was one of the best right wingers (go figure) on the soccer teams and had an AWESOME corner kick down to a science.

“Popular”?  No thanks.  Perhaps when wars become “popular”, the aliens from Andromeda will come save us.

Semantics.  Troublesome, yes?


One Response to “Poor hillary…No Matter How Hard She Tries…”

  1. Dean Says:

    Great stuff! We must no allow this woman..and I use that term lightly..to gain the highest office of this country or we are in deep doodoo to say the least!

    Ran track and played football myself in school right up to the time a low tackle took out my right knee. Saying I played right halfback probably dates me a bit eh? And like you I was not part of the in crowd preferring to stay aloof and unfettered…..LOL.

    My idea of a fast car back then was a 1957 Chevy with a fuel injected 409 special edition. Balanced, 3/4 race cam with headers and polished heads.
    Fast was second place…. and I seldom lost.

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