Moore v Hillary


Ben Smith

One of the differences between Michael Moore’s forthcoming “SiCKO” and his previous films, he writes in the publicity materials, is that “there’s not one character or company to hate in SiCKO,” which I caught at a screening yesterday. And indeed, most of the politicians appear as anonymous figures in suits, with price tags indicating their contributions from the drug industry. Billy Tauzin, predictably, takes a bit of a beating.

And so, less predictably, does Hillary Clinton.

Moore’s brief political history of American health care policy at first seems to lavish praise on Clinton, if with a satirical, and gendered, edge. (She’s introduced as “Sassy…smart…sexy.”)

But his conclusion is that she sold out. After her defeat in the first Clinton term, he says, she fell silent on the issue. And “for her silence, Hillary was rewarded. And she has been the second-largest recipient in the Senate of healthcare industry contributions.”

This reminds me of similar sentiments from a has-been kook fringe left wing fruit loop that was thrown away after  it was all used up:

The natives are restless: “[I]f Democrats appear to capitulate to Bush-passing a bill without measures to end the war-the unity Democrats have enjoyed and Democratic leadership has so expertly built, will immediately disappear.” threatening the Demo leadership ++ “I’ll tell you who my least favorite Dem is, and it’s Hillary Clinton. She has been an unflinching supporter of George Bush’s war. She thinks she has to act like a Republican to win this election.” -professional protestor Cindy Sheehan **We can’t tell you how many times we’ve mistaken Hillary for a Republican! Is there ANY wonder as to who controls the democrats?

Mickey Mouse Moore controls the DNC…have no doubt and he isn’t all that pleased with Czarina.  Pay close attention to the war these two will be having in the future.


3 Responses to “Moore v Hillary”

  1. Blandly Urbane Says:


    These fringers are really nuts…they couldn’t ask for a better socialist than Clinton, but if she even or any of them for that matter, strays they lambast and attack.

    Hopefully this will have the effect of them defeating themselves. This country cannot afford to be taken over by the zealots

  2. University Update Says:

    Moore v Hillary

  3. snooper Says:

    It seems that whosoever crosses Mickey Mouse Moore Doll gets caught in the crosshairs of the loony left.

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