Hillary’s October Surprise


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Oppose Revoking Authorization for Iraq War

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Oppose Revoking Authorization for Iraq War

Wednesday, May 09, 2007 11:51 PM


Sen. Clinton (D-NY) and Sen. Byrd (D-WV) are drafting legislation that would revoke congressional approval for the war on Oct. 11 — five years after Congress cleared the way for the 2003 invasion. The war authorization gave President Bush permission to use military force against Iraq “as he determines to be necessary and appropriate.” Revoking the authorization would force Bush to return to Congress for another vote or wage war without explicit approval from lawmakers. Tell Congress and President Bush if you think the Iraq War Authorization should be revoked and new approval voted on by Congress or if Congress should stop micromanaging the war as some Republicans have said.Click here to oppose hillary’s stupidity.

Tally so far: I would say the majority of Americans oppose the revoking nonsense.

As of 5/10/07, 1838 hours, CST there have been 47,711 voters.

49% say I Support Revoking the Iraq War Authorization
51% say I Oppose Revoking the Iraq War Authorization

I posted this entry at my Townhall blog back in May (a long time ago in politics) showing Hillary’s ever compounding inconsistencies and piling upon contradictory actions and yammerings.  I see nothing has changed since October 2006.

It shows that the MAJORITY of Americans do NOT agree with her.


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