Hillary’s Empty Abortion Rhetoric


To follow up on the link noted below, the article in the Washington Times is so typical of Hillary’s campaign. Hillary will say anything to create the impression that there is common ground; that whatever group she is speaking too has something in common with her agenda. If she is speaking to anti-war leftists she offers hard line attacks on President Bush and calls for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq. If she is speaking to foreign policy wonks or moderates she offers a more nuanced approach. She never really changes her opinion but rather changes her tone and her rhetoric to suit the audience.

The same is true on abortion . All of her talk about abortion being “safe, legal, and rare” is hot air. She pretends to offer common ground:

The pro-life and the pro-choice communities have not really been willing to find much common ground. … That is a great failing on all of our parts. … There are many opportunities to assist young people to make responsible decisions.

But this means very little when it comes to actual policy because Hillary is as pro-choice as you can get. There is no common ground. On areas where the pro-life side has attempted to make incremental progress (parental notification, partial birth abortion, sonograms, etc) Hillary has opposed them every step of the way.

Hillary then goes on to blame the media and community leaders:

Mrs. Clinton said both groups can do more outreach through churches and schools to strive for the “zero” goal.

We have so many young people who are tremendously influenced by the media culture and by the celebrity culture, and who have a very difficult time trying to sort out the right decisions to make,” Mrs. Clinton said. “The adult society has failed those people. … We have left too many children to sort of fend for themselves morally.

That’s funny, I am pretty sure the very people who support Hillary (Emily’s list, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, etc.) are the very people arguing that far from being immoral, or a choice fraught with anguish, that abortion is a constitutional right; something to be proud of and fight for not be embarrassed about. They are not interested in teaching teens about sexual responsibility or the consequences of abortion. They want federally subsidized abortion and free condoms.

So don’t be fooled be Clinton’s talk about common ground. She is not interested in anything that would actually reduce abortions in this country. What she is interested in is trying to appear like a sensible, moderate, religious person while at the same time not losing any of her support from radical feminists and abortion zealots.


One Response to “Hillary’s Empty Abortion Rhetoric”

  1. snooper Says:

    And Bingo was her namo! Very well stated!

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