Hillary’s Club 44 A Flop


Could there be a “flip” in there somewhere?

The event, with the hip name “Club 44,” was meant to inspire women in the 18-to-24-year-old set to support Clinton’s presidential campaign. “Wear your jeans!” said the invitation. Comedian Caroline Rhea was brought in to be the emcee. Katharine McPhee from “American Idol” was recruited to sing. A “carnival theme” was promised.

It was, in other words, an attempt by middle-aged Washington to be young and hip. Predictably, it did not turn out quite as planned.

McPhee tried to get the crowd going with her song “Love Story.” The Clinton partisans declined her invitation to clap and wave. “Let’s hear it!” she said when she finished, to lackluster result. “In the back? I know you’re out there!” she pressed, earning the sort of applause that follows a weak lounge act.

Better luck next time.  Perhaps the crowd that gathered will be old enough to vote sometime.

The youth vote? Maybe in 2016 or 2020. (By Ricky Carioti — The Washington Post)

Play Video

VIDEO | The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank sketches a Hillary Clinton fundraiser in Washington, D.C.

Is it me or does the photographer to the left of Hillary look other than happy about being there?


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