Hillary Is A Fraud? Really?


Hillary Is A Fraud? Really?

Why, YES, she IS and, I know what “IS” means!!  Hat Tip to Silvio Canto, Jr. from The Canto Group, Executive Search in Texas.

This socialist, hitlery, which borders on being a full-blown communist, wants to rule the United States with an iron fist.  She blows with the wind to garner support from various groups and once she has folks solid in her corner with no way to get out of that corner, she will change direction(s) to garner more support from a different set of voters.  It is both smart and dumb.  The tactic works for her, I guess.

Silvio Canto has nailed it down:

“…Between now and election day, Hillary Clinton will take many positions on Iraq.

Between now and the primaries, she will move to the left to react to the pressure coming from Edwards and Obama.

After the primaries, she will move to the right and position herself against McCain, Guiliani or Romney…”

I guess she learned this tactic from kerry?

This statement sums it up pretty well:

“…Hillary Clinton is a fraud! Gallup says that Clinton’s image has consistently moved into the negative territory. Wonder why?…”


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