Troubles In The Hillary Camp


There are many “troubles” but this one is especially bothersome.

The USA Today/Gallup poll released yesterday morning showed – for the first time – that Barack Obama has pulled ahead of Hillary Clinton in a national survey.

The numbers were: Obama 30%, Clinton 29%.


According to USA Today’s Susan Page: “The survey of 310 Democrats and 160 independents who ‘lean’ Democratic, taken Friday through Sunday, has a margin of error of +/- 5 percentage points” which means that Hillary might be ahead by as many as nine percentage points, or she might be as far behind as 11.

Statistically insignificant as the Obama lead might be, it is exactly what the Clinton campaign has been trying to avoid since the polls closed last November 7 and the Clinton Senate re-election campaign became the Clinton Presidential campaign. The watchword of the Clinton campaign has been “inevitability.”

When Barack Obama showed early popularity – if not early polling strength – the Clinton campaign immediately shifted into high gear, advancing the announcement of her candidacy, increasing the staff, opening offices in the early primary/caucus states, and putting her on the road.

Poor,  poor Czarina.  Life isn’t fair,  is it?  Sometimes,  Hillary, things don’t go quite your way.  We are confident that you will once again employ/hire questionable characters to conduct more illegal wire-taps to find out how you are doing. 

We will be watching you, rest assured.


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