The Mysterious Activities of The Rodham


Welcome To Hillaryland!

Hillary - Her WayTwo veteran New York Times reporters – with almost 42 years of combined experience – decide to tell the true story of Hillary Clinton in a new biography.

For doing so they are attacked by their own newspaper.

And despite the fact that Hillary Clinton and her staff offered stiff resistance to the book project entitled “Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton” by Jeff Gerth and Don Van Atta Jr., the authors have published one of the most compelling and exhaustive biographies of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Importantly, “Her Way” is the first book to delve into Hillary’s mysterious activities as a U.S. Senator.

For years Hillary has been shielded from public scrutiny by friendly media.

“Her Way” cuts through the fog.

Dick Morris, once a long-time consultant to Bill and Hillary Clinton, says “Her Way” is a “very good investigative job by the reporter who first broke the Whitewater story. He probes her flip-flops on Iraq, her ethical lapses in the Senate, and her involvement in spying on women with whom her husband was involved.”

“It’s a great read and a useful book,” Morris says.

As for “spying,” Dick Morris is referring to one of the most shocking disclosures in “Her Way.”

During the heated 1992 presidential campaign as Gennifer Flowers and other women made accusations about her husband Bill, Hillary was quick to circle the wagons and organize the couple’s defenses.

According to “Her Way,” Hillary even “listened to a secretly recorded audio tape of a phone conversation of Clinton critics.”

The authors said Hillary’s supporters monitored cell-phone frequencies “and the tape was made during one of those monitoring sessions.”

The authors also reveal for the first time a stunning pact made between Bill and Hillary Clinton some three decades ago.

In this pact each promised the other that they would work to get each in the White House; eight years for Bill and eight years for Hillary.

But the most important story told in “Her Way” is the revelations about “Hillaryland.”

Hillaryland is a code word Clintonistas have used to describe the discipline, devotion and cult that surrounds Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Her Way” offers some startling facts and information about “Hillaryland” including:

  • The Chief Advisor: Bill Clinton’s role, sometimes public, sometimes secret.

  • The staff: her inner circle’s “cavalier attitude” toward longtime Senate rules.

  • The secret retinue: Hillary’s hidden use of Senate “fellows” that are not fully disclosed.

  • Why Karl Rove jokes about Hillary’s old White House office.

  • How Hillary became a U.S. senator (She wasn’t asked by New Yorkers, as she claimed).

  • Fundraisers: Hillary’s Washington fundraisers where “invisibility” is the watchword.

  • Hillary’s rule: “We can do what we need to do.”

  • Iraq: why Hillary can’t escape from the “box” her vote has placed her in.

  • Why Hillary can’t admit she made a “mistake” by voting for the war.

  • Shocker: evidence Hillary didn’t bother to read the CIA’s National Intelligence Estimate Report before her vote for the war.

  • Why Hillary told Senate colleagues she needs “wiggle room” on the Iraq war.

  • Sniping comments: Hillary’s shocking remarks about Sen. Elizabeth Dole made in a Senate elevator.

  • “Her very relaxed relationship” with Sen. John McCain which sometimes includes cracking jokes and “a few glasses of vodka.”

  • Hillary hates Chuck Schumer and why his eating habits disgusted her. She once said, “That’s the last meal I’m having with Chuck Schumer.”

  • Why U.S. senators from her own party groan “there she goes again.”

  • Brutal: Hillary’s press secretaries move through a revolving door in her Senate office.

  • No exit: One Senate staffer admits when you work for Hillary, “you never really leave her.”

  • Hidden agenda: Hillary’s use of tax-exempt groups including CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington), and the liberal media monitoring group, Media Matters, to serve her agenda so she can “beat the GOP at their own game.”

  • The War Room: How Hillary brought the notorious Clinton White House war room into the Senate – despite some objections from U.S. senators.

  • The Internet: Hillary is already bullying her way in cyberspace.

  • Stony silence: Hillary usually nary says a word when she enters the White House to meet President Bush.

  • Bill’s fear: Her husband thinks Al Gore just well may emerge to challenge her for the Democratic nomination.

  • Gore’s anger: Bill and Hillary steal his “signature” issue of the environment.

  • Hijack: Bill and Hillary decided to back a California proposition on the environment that made Al Gore completely “furious.”

  • Ambush: Hillary’s pleasant invite to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to come before the Armed Services Committee meeting where Hillary launched a surprise attack on him.

  • Defection: Longtime Washington attorney and friend of the Clintons Greg Craig – he even represented Bill as one of his impeachment attorneys – has left the Clinton circle to support Barack Obama.

  • Butting in: Hillary Clinton wasn’t supposed to speak at Coretta Scott King’s funeral but demanded to be put on the agenda.

  • The Obama surprise: Hillary allies, including Terry McAuliffe, believe Obama could be a lethal threat to the senator’s presidential chances.

  • And so much more.

In this book you will find out how Hillary is walking a very thin “balancing act” to become president of the United States, and the Clintons are working overtime to make it into the White House.

Gerth and Van Natta also reveal the “unbelievable” attack the Clinton machine launched against ABC to stop them from running the mini series “Path to 9/11” – the docudrama that described how the Clinton administration mishandled the hunt of bin Laden and al-Qaida.

Hillary has described herself as “the most famous person in the world you don’t know.”

That may be true.

But it won’t be if more Americans read “Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Check out NewsMax’s free offer for ‘Her Way’ – Click Here


9 Responses to “The Mysterious Activities of The Rodham”

  1. Snooper Says:


    The Mysterious Actives of The RodhamJune 7th, 2007 by snooper

    Welcome To Hillaryland!
    Two veteran New York Times reporters – with almost 42 years of combined experience – decide to tell the true story of Hillary Clinton in a new biography.

  2. redhawk Says:

    The “funny” thing is that the very editors of this Pulitzer prize winner and who was called “the best investigative reporter I’ve ever known ” by LANNY DAVIS ( he of the Clintonista kamp) are throwing aHISSY FIT over this expose of HITLERY… Luantic Trolls are really Imploding along with their Lunatic candidates…. but blame it all on Bush.. What the heck!!!

  3. snooper Says:

    Naturally, when Hillary loses her bid to be First Czar of Amerika, she will blame Bush.

  4. HillaryLand « Freedom Ain’t Free Says:

    […] The Mysterious Actives of The Rodham June 7th, 2007 by snooper […]

  5. redhawk Says:

    This is the “person” who preaches FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY while adding 145 Mill to the Iraq defense Bill… Imagine if all the Porkers were to stay off the PORK for ONE year, at the current rate of increased Gov’t revenues as a result of W’s TAX CUTS, we’d have abalanced budget in 18 months.. and wouldn’t that ruin the Lunatic Hillary’s day!!!

  6. snooper Says:

    redhawk…how DARE you speak in Common Sense terms! That confuses the HELL out of the Leftinistra!

    Don’t forget that I am migrating the Townhall blog to the new place…

  7. redhawk Says:

    But Snooper.. have you seen the latest??? Hitlery Next to Mother Teresa??? Guess baking brownies in a fluffy pink robe to cover the Snake skin to make it appear warm and Fuzzy was not enough….

  8. redhawk Says:

    Snooper.. I see that the Troll has followed you to town hall .. that thing is like REID… a total MORON but still and mysteriouly active…

  9. snooper Says:

    redhawk…Czarina is truly as class act in double standards.

    Yes…the trolls MUST follow…they are incapable of leading.

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