The Clinton’s Empire Building


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The Clintons and questionable income sources:

Vin Gupta, who is not above dropping Bill Clinton’s name, says he gets a little name-dropping in return and that it is worth several times over the millions of dollars InfoUSA pays the former president.

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Former President Bill Clinton consults for InfoUSA, and he and his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, have traveled on its corporate jets.

Clinton is a hired consultant for the Omaha company, which sells lists of sales leads, market research, e-mail marketing services and, now, polling through its acquisition of Opinion Research Corp.

Without going into specifics, Gupta said, Clinton gives advice on how to extend the company’s services into new markets. His expertise is used in the side of InfoUSA that sells services to political parties and candidates and nonprofit organizations, Gupta said.

Beyond consulting with the company and speaking to gatherings of employees and clients, the former president also opens doors, Gupta said.

“He helps us meet some of the right people,” he said.

“He has talked about us to a lot of gatherings . . . In many speeches he has mentioned InfoUSA by name.”

And how much have the Chief Clintonistas “collected”?  Are you sitting down?

How much revenue can be attributed to the Clinton connection?

“I would say over the last seven years, easily over $40 million.”

And they whine and complain about the RICH exploiting the POOR?

Read this and vomit


5 Responses to “The Clinton’s Empire Building”

  1. Dean Says:

    The picture above is enough to make me hurl. Two faced liars and a “smile in your face while stabbing you in the back”.
    The trail of dead bodies these two have left behind is simply astounding….we don’t need a repeat.

    We had 8 loooooonnnngg years of willy and too-loose La Truese….please for God’s sake…NO MORE!

    Anyone who overeats should click this; “Read this and vomit”. Guaranteed to cure it….

  2. snooper Says:

    Clinton’s Legacy in a new book soon coming…The Trail Of The dead.

  3. Ethics and the Clintons « Hot Rodham Blog Says:

    […] in previous posts the ill gotten gains of the Clintons and the Pelosis via the InfoUSA scandal both here and here.  We have also brought to your attention the Double Standards of the Clintons here, and […]

  4. Snooper Says:

    Oil and Water

    Ethics and Democrats

    The two don’t mesh. Behold:

    Ethics and the Clintons
    We have brought to your attention in previous posts the ill gotten gains of the Clintons and the Pelosis via the InfoUSA scandal both…

  5. Hillary and Her Crimes « Hot Rodham Blog Says:

    […] The Clintonistas, The Clintons And That Big Bad Oil Thing, Czarina; Pork President, Hillary Bios, The Clintons Empire Building, Unfit For Command showing the very long list of the scandals and illegal activities she has been […]

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