Buy One Clinton…Get One Free?


Oh, good Lord!

Sending Bill around the globe womanizing his way into the hearts of our enemies and friends is a good idea? What the hell is wrong with this woman?

Bill Clinton boasted in his first campaign for president that voters could “buy one and get one free.” He should have kept quiet about Hillary. A lot of Americans have never let either Bill or Hillary forget it. An unelected co-president was not what anyone bargained for (and neither did the founding fathers who wrote the Constitution). Now we have another opportunity to “buy one and get one free.”

When Wolf Blitzer of CNN, the moderator, asked her the other night in the Democratic debate what her husband would do if she makes it to the White House, she replied that he “will be sent around the world as a roving ambassador.” One of her rivals, former Sen. Mike Gravel, piped up: “He could take his wife with him, who will still be in the Senate.”

Clever repartee, but it underscores a problem that will bedevil Hillary through the brutal primaries and all the way to Denver and the 2008 Democratic National Convention, and beyond. Bill is enormously popular with a lot of Democrats, but even the ex-president’s fervent admirers have to wonder what this co-presidency would look like. Every wife has horror stories about having a husband forever underfoot, cluttering the house and interfering with the woman’s work that is never done. Double, triple, quadruple that for a woman presiding at the White House. Who can doubt that sending Bill somewhere on the other side of the world is exactly where Hillary would want him?


2 Responses to “Buy One Clinton…Get One Free?”

  1. blacktygrrrr Says:

    Snooper! You are Everywhere my man!

    I am actually a wordpress guy, and then someone directed me towards townhall.

    Lord knows if I ever have questions you are the dude to ask!

    eric 🙂

    P.S. Although not so much as to interfere with your blogging.

  2. snooper Says:

    Eric…welcome here at any time!

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