Hillary’s War


The Hill 

As a woman, as a Democrat, from the first moment Hillary Clinton were to take office as president, she would face the task of proving herself tough enough for the job. Even if foreign leaders and our enemies do not doubt her on this score, she will feel the need to prove herself. Any signal of weakness, such as a withdrawal from Iraq, would embolden our enemies and weaken her credibility.

Remember how President Eisenhower let Khrushchev threaten to “bury” the United States without pointing out our huge lead in missiles? As a former general with an illustrious past, he had no worries about his credibility on military issues. But former 2nd Lt. John F. Kennedy had reason to worry that his bona fides as a military leader might be questioned, and he hastened to tell the world that the U.S. had a huge lead in missiles (after winning the election of 1960 campaigning on the “missile gap”). The price for JFK’s insecurity was, ultimately, the Cuban Missile Crisis, as Khrushchev felt he had to close the gap Kennedy had publicized.

Hillary Clinton will not be able to pull out of Iraq.

These are the words of Dick Morris,  the one-time inside guy to the Clintonistas,  now having seen the light, as it were.

Hillary and other turkeys of the DNC and some of the RNC/GOP have stated that the Iraq War is Bush’s War.  How they have come to that conclusion is still a “mystery” seeing that most of them voted FOR it.  Must be one of those genetic flaws of cowardice they exume.

Hillary is going to be proven a liar…it has already been proven but only time will tell.


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    Hillary’s War

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