Dig Deeper Hillary! Dig Deeper!


NY Times

Only Mrs. Clinton’s Senate vote in 2002 to authorize military action in Iraq – and her subsequent refusal to apologize for that vote – has created so clear a division thus far in the positions of Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Edwards and Mr. Obama. Her remark on Sunday was also a partial departure from the position that many Democrats took with success last fall before the midterm elections, when they argued that the war in Iraq and mismanagement by the Bush administration had left the nation more at risk.

Partial departure?  Another shift?  Another waffle?  Another backstroke?  Another flip?  Another flop?  Was it a lie then or is it a lie now?  MAKE UP MY MIND HILLARY!  Which is it?  Was last November just a power play and now trying to be the voice of reason?  Hello?

Advisers and supporters of Mrs. Clinton said yesterday that she was not endorsing the Bush administration’s strategy against terrorism, but highlighting the improved efforts of Americans on the front lines to detect and deter terrorist activity since 9/11. They said that Mrs. Clinton also thought the war in Iraq had been a distraction from the fight against terrorism, but that, day to day, people are safer than they were.

Ah!  Queen of spin.  I see.  Dig that hole deeper Hillary.  You are at 2.5 feet at the moment.  3.5 feet to go.  We’ll throw the dirt in for you.  Don’t worry.


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