On Hillary and The Union Double Standard



The presidents of two large labor unions have written to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to complain that Mark Penn, her pollster and chief strategist, is chief executive of a public relations firm that is helping a company fight a unionization drive.

In the letter sent Friday, which a labor official released yesterday, James P. Hoffa, president of the Teamsters, and Bruce Raynor, president of Unite Here, wrote that they did not want to see Mrs. Clinton or the Democratic Party embarrassed by the anti-union activities of Mr. Penn’s firm, Burson-Marsteller, one of the nation’s leading public relations companies.

“If Hillary is pro-worker and pro-union, she will certainly take steps to rein in Mr. Penn,” Mr. Hoffa said in an interview. “He cannot serve two masters, working for a pro-union candidate and working for anti-union companies.”

Hillary…an abuser and user of people. Such leadership as this is good?

So. Who is it exactly at the helm of Hillary’s campaign? Unions are Big labor and Big Labor exploits the workers. Unions demand more and more from Big Business but the benefits go to the Big Labor Union leaders…that is how they can afford those Big Private Airplanes.

What will the Unions DEMAND of Hillary? What “deals” are being made behind closed doors and who is Hillary wire-tapping now?

Mandatory Union Dues? 

Union dues for politicians? 

Twelve million American employees are forced by federal or state law to pay union dues or be fired from their jobs. In a string of long-standing precedents won by National Right to Work Foundation attorneys, the High Court has ruled union officials must tell workers forced to pay union dues what portion of the dues is spent on politics and other non-collective bargaining activities, and offer them a refund for that amount.

Hillary In Bed With Charlatans? 

Compulsory unionism breeds corruption. In each issue of “Exposed,” the National Right to Work Committee will highlight yet another example of union-boss abuse spawned and perpetuated by Big Labor’s government-granted privilege to force workers to pay union dues, or be fired.

Why would Hillary be “involved” with these folks? 


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