Hillary repudiates DOMA


If it looks like a duck, “walks” like a duck, sounds like a duck and acts like a duck, more than likely,  it is a duck.

Waddle-waddle quack-quack.

Human Rights Campaign has released the results (.pdf) of its candidate questionnaires in the form of a spreadsheet showing that … all the leading Democrats agree on everything.

The form — which shows the candidates to be identical — is probably helpful to Hillary, to whom the HRC has close institutional ties, and it also contains some substantive moves on the issue, including on-record support for a bill permitting gays and lesbians to sponsor their partners to immigrate. That’s a bill most of the candidates (all but Dodd) failed to sign on to while in the Senate.

The news, though, seems to be that Hillary is repudiating her long (if tepidly) held support for the Defense of Marriage Act, which her husband signed, and which drew her criticism in New York.

From Ben Smith


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