Hillary and Yankees Dust?


Cloud of conflicting war positions.

Clinton: Cloud of conflicting war positions.

Seeing that Hillary cannot justify her many positions on Iraq, she has reverted back to the distraction techniques so common among the character flaws of appeasers, en masse. Also,seeing that the Real Hillary is unable to step forward, she has resorted to copying the tactics (that didn’t work) of the infamous Billy Martin of the NY Yankees…kicking up dust.

As Billy eventually ate his own dust, so will Hillary…she doesn’t know it yet but eat her own dust, she will.  Her fluctuating rhetoric and conflicting position,  designed to distract and confuse,  will be her undoing…we SHALL see to this.

This is a dangerous woman in dangerous times and her bouncing among the issues is a sure sign of mental instability.  It is a sign of insincerity and a lack of moral courage and fortitude.  Her mantra of “I can do it better” sounds good but she offers no “HOW” and she offers no “PLAN”.

NY Post

Where exactly is the middle ground between a timetable for withdrawal and an “open-ended commitment”? I’ll tell you where it is. It’s in Candyland, somewhere between the Gumdrop Mountains and the Chocolate Swamp.


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