Hillary’s Achilles’ Heel


Philip Klein at the American Spectator has an interesting take on Hillary’s Achilles’ Heel: her confusing positions on the war in Iraq. Klein notes that Edwards and Clinton both voted to authorize the war but Edwards has since admitted that he was wrong while Clinton still refuses to apologize for the vote. This could pose a problem as the race continues because Edwards will use it to attack Hillary:

This will present problems for Clinton on more than one level. Beyond having to defend a vote that is highly unpopular among the Democratic base, her parsing of the issue will reinforce the image of her as a fake, calculating, politician — an image that is the root of her high negativity ratings.

She may still be the frontrunner in the polls, but Hillary Clinton’s vulnerability on the single most important issue to Democratic primary voters represents a fundamental problem in her bid for the party’s nomination.

This will be the challenge for Hillary. Can she appease the rabid anti-war base and still hold her reputation as a moderate internationalist not afraid to use force when necessary? Stay tuned . . .


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