There “IS” A Rabbit In Hillary’s Head!


NY Daily News 

 Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) laughs with Marines at Camp Fallujah in Iraq in 2006.


When I was growing up in Pennsylvania, my father had a funny way of complaining about the twists and turns of old country roads. “They must have been chasing a rabbit while they were building this thing,” he would say while trying to keep the car out of the weeds.

The line came back to me the other day as I was trying to follow the zigzags of Hillary Clinton’s position on Iraq. Somewhere in her head, there must be a rabbit.

Starting with the votes to authorize the invasion in 2002 and ending with her vote two weeks ago to cut off funds for the troops, Clinton has followed a course that is too impossible to even describe. She has repeatedly embraced a new position with the enthusiasm of a convert, only to discard it, sometimes within weeks, for a new one, equally embraced. That she now opposes funding our troops in battle would seem to complete her switch from ardent hawk to ardent dove.

It seems Hillary’s inconsistencies are “Rather” consistent.

Ask the rabbit.


2 Responses to “There “IS” A Rabbit In Hillary’s Head!”

  1. Dean Says:

    Look at the phony smile on that mug. Sheesh. I wonder if those guys had to shower after she left to get the slime off.

    What inquiring minds want know is how does this creature sleep at night without a heavy dosing of “mothers little helper”?

    The rabbit knows!

  2. snooper Says:

    “Rather” obvious, isn’t it? What a fraud this creature is.

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