Hillary Loses Debate


How’d y’all like that raisinig the hands thing? LOL!! I was going to live blog the “debate”, such as it was, but I was laughing too hard. What a pack of losers these dementedcrats are, eh? Besides, I haven’t been ordained a professional…yet…so I defer to those that are.

And Hillary lost to Biden of all people. She took a tailspin when she brought up her husband’s FAILURE at catching Bin Laden at EVERY chance. Two peas in a pod those two and they deserve each other. Frick and Frack.

Dean Barnett

The best moment was Hillary Clinton chiding Wolf Blitzer for his idiotic “show of hands” reductions of complex questions.

Don’t get me wrong – it was a close race.

So sad when these two moments are the high points in a debate, eh?

Patrick Ruffini

Hillary did not do well. Early on, she was outmaneuvered by John Edwards and Barack Obama on the war. Edwards succeeded in portraying himself as the most over-the-top in the anti-war caucus. Obama’s put-down of Edwards’ Johnny-come-lately approach to the issue won him the exchange. He seemed stronger than Hillary than, but unlike Edwards, genuine (having opposed the war from his lofty perch in the Illinois Senate four years ago). Hillary crying uncle, pleading that this is Bush’s war and wondering “Why can’t we all just get along?” was not strong.

I thought Joe Biden was going to pop a vein at several points throughout the debate. Likewise, good to see him back in old form.

I have a growing sense that John Edwards is their weakest general election candidate, despite what the polls say. His inconsistencies are easily defined, nay, laughed at, starting with the $400 haircuts and ending with the 28,000 square foot mansion. As he races to be the most left-wing candidate, I keep wondering: where was he in 2004? It’s not like it wasn’t politically advantageous to show a little leg against the war in the ’04 primaries. His run for VP was thoroughly lackluster. He got slapped around the stage by Dick Cheney in the debate.. And even John Kerry, not exactly known for his political judgment, almost didn’t pick him. Somehow, he just can’t convert that golden boy image into teflon in the same way Bill Clinton could.

The key moment in the debate came when Dennis Kucinich said he would take no action if there was actionable intelligence about Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts. It was meaningful not for what happened, but for what didn’t happen. None of the candidates used this to tee up their Commander-in-Chief credentials in the same way that Ron Paul was drop-kicked in the GOP debate. When asked, Obama gave the right answer, but without passion. Inexplicably, Hillary went off on a vague non-sequitur about these being complicated situations and reminding us of her husband’s failure to get bin Laden with cruise missiles. That’s the moment where she lost the debate. If there was a question where even Democrats could show some bite and passion on national security, you’d think it’s Afghanistan and the fight against al-Qaeda. Save for Joe Biden, I saw none of that this entire debate. Instead, what we got was milquetoast and lots of happy talk about diplomacy.

The weirdest moment: A five minute discussion of stopping the genocide in Darfur by boycotting the Beijing Olympics? Huh? And Chris Dodd called that going “too far.” This is not exactly a strong and decisive bunch.

Ron Paul would be better than any of these characters and he is a certifiable fruit cake.

Just for fun:

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WaPo’s Take

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The Major Clash here and here. The look on Hillary’s face when Edwards sticks his fingers in her face is priceless! Can’t wait for the stills.

Cool!  Got the still!


8 Responses to “Hillary Loses Debate”

  1. Seattle Says:

    Have you seen the latest anti-Hillary video to hit the net?

  2. snooper Says:

    Still reading and what-not. Thanks for the tip!

  3. snooper Says:

    Perhaps we should have a captions contest?

  4. Dean Says:

    Caption: hillary; “I wonder if I can sqeeze one out without anyone knowing?” edwards; “I heard that you cow! It better not stink!”

  5. snooper Says:

    LOL!! She looks like she is “holding back”!!

  6. Dean Says:

    Either that or she had a little surprise in her drawers. OOPS!

  7. snooper Says:

    That is why most dementedcrats wear Depends.

  8. Dean Says:

    Yup. It was likely a dementedcrat that invented them.

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