Czarina…Fraud Extraordinaire


Dick Pollman


It should not be a surprise that the Democrats can’t agree on how best to extricate America from the war in Iraq; after all, a party whose leaders still can’t talk coherently about the past can hardly be expected to talk coherently about the future. And the fact is, some of the top Democratic presidential contenders are still having problems explaining how and why they enabled this war in the first place.

Case in point: John Edwards and Hillary Clinton.

And they want to be THE leaders in the free world and turn it into a socialist state? Why on God’s green earth would anyone with any sense of honor or dignity want these liars and frauds in the White House?

Both have said that they were “misled” by GWB and they both have said that they read ALL the data presented to them. As it turns out, NEITHER one has read the SNIE and they BOTH lied about having read it. Imagine that.

Using their rhetoric against them, one can say, “Having known now what I hadn’t known then, I can still say that I haven’t any idea what either one has to offer.”


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