Of Hobbits and hillary


Of Hobbits and hillary

So, there I was, watching the LOTR series the other night. And while watching the movies, my mind was ruminating on Billary’s latest nonsense of ending “an on-your-own society” and replacing it with “we’re all in it together society” where prosperity is “broadly shared”.

Two quotes follow:


Election 2008: Sen. hillary clinton shared on Tuesday her vision of the U.S. economy under her executive stewardship. She should change her party affiliation – or the name of her party. Speaking in New Hampshire, clinton acknowledged that instead of the “ownership society” that George W. Bush has promoted throughout his presidency, she prefers a “we’re all in it together society” where prosperity is “broadly shared”.

“We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.” [hillary clinton, 1993]

So while watching my movies and ruminating on the stalinista’s latest ramblings, I started seeing parallels.

The crux of the movies (and of course, the books) is the whole of Middle Earth depended on the actions of ONE TINY HOBBIT. Not Middle Earth broadly sharing the responsibility–ONE TINY HOBBIT.

The Elves couldn’t do it. The Dwarves couldn’t do it. The Ents couldn’t do it. The Rohirrim couldn’t do it. The Men couldn’t do it. The Wizards couldn’t do it. Neither Sam, nor even eight of the nine, could do it. Only Frodo. AN INDIVIDUAL.

Frodo got plenty of support while on his journey, yes. BUT NO ONE ELSE COULD ACCOMPLISH WHAT HE NEEDED TO–NO ONE.

Whether or not Peter Jackson knew just what he was illustrating, I have no idea.

Let’s look to another example of someone who was the only one who could accomplish something.

This person was born 2,007 years ago by modern reckoning (taken from His birth, as a matter of fact) and He died 33 years later. He had plenty of help from a loving mother, a wonderful foster-father and the King of all Fathers. He was smart, knowledgeable, spiritual beyond pale–yet down to earth, common sense, loving, kind and compassionate. He understood the flaws of humanity and forgave them. He laughed, cried, loved, and became angry at nonsense (doing business in temples comes to mind).

Instead of the fellowship of 9, He had twelve devoted friends. How many of us can say that?

He promoted INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY through His Father’s 10 rules (also known as Commandments, not suggestions) and His own 1 rule (the 11th Commandment). He advocated a hand up, not a hand out.

And yet…persons who think like the stalinista and her buddies (pelosi, reid, murtha, et. al.), who claim to know Him, don’t seem to get it. But here’s the kicker…once again, He and only He could do the job He was sent here for.

It was He who had to taste the lash, He who had to wear the Crown, He who had to die. Not the 12 together. Not society as a whole. He and He alone.

He was, of course, Jesus Christ, full Son of God, who died for OUR redemption and taught us how to work towards our own salvation.

Two individuals–one fictional, Frodo, who saved all of Middle Earth; one real, the Son of God, our Savior.

Two individuals who made a difference. Two individuals who saved their respective worlds. Not a collective such as a termite colony–a collective that centers around a queen and lives on destruction.

Do you prefer to be an individual or part of a destructive collective? A vote for billary is for a destructive collective–make no mistake.


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  1. snooper Says:

    Thank you Miss Beth!

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