Hillary Lied


In recent days,  Hillary has stated that the country is in a mess and that she is the only one qualified to get us out of it.  As we have touched on before:

Mrs. Clinton (lol): “Well, the mess we’re in is so bad, I’m the only one with the experience to begin turning it around. And what can they do to me? I’ve been through it all.”  here

What, then,  does Hillary darling make of this?

Better Than Expected Report On Job Market

More employees were added to payrolls in May, there were modest gains in wages, it took less time to find a job last month, and the unemployment rate held steady at 4.5 percent. It shows companies are weathering gas and energy price hikes. More…

Clearly,  Hillary is either out of touch with the realities that the economy is good or she is just a plain liar.  One can conclude that Hillary takes her coaches seriously.  After all,  is it a crime to lie while running for office?  Perhaps not a crime in the legal sense but most assuredly an ethical crime.  Behold:


Sure to make the NYT’s Non-Fiction Best Seller’s List


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