Can’t Stop Thinking About ‘Tommorrow’



Oops! Busy raising money and promising to spend your tax dollars like there is no tomorrow, the folks on the Hillary! campaign apparently could put their hands on a dictionary:

The Democratic presidential hopeful pitched a technology plan to Silicon Valley executives in California Thursday, with the misspelled message, “New Jobs for Tommorrow,” plastered in large white letters on a banner behind her podium.

And they made fun of Dan Quayle!

Despite the poor spelling, Clinton found the tech sector CEOs receptive to her call for allowing more high tech immigration and federal subsidies for technology companies. Shocking that businesses would support giving them access to cheaper labor and government money! Once again, Hillary proves more than willing to allocate other people’s money for her grand purposes.


2 Responses to “Can’t Stop Thinking About ‘Tommorrow’”

  1. snooper Says:

    LOL! The more I think of this the funnier it gets! There she is in all her socialist ways and means and the word tomorrow with two Ms is just too funny.

  2. “Tommorrow”????? « Freedom Ain’t Free Says:

    […] Can’t Stop Thinking About ‘Tommorrow’ […]

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