The Real Hillary’s Raw Socialism


IBD Editorial

A Hat Tip to one of our commenters, A.M. Mora y Leon, of Publius Pundit for the heads up of the IBD Editorial.

Election 2008: Sen. Hillary Clinton shared on Tuesday her vision of the U.S. economy under her executive stewardship. She should change her party affiliation – or the name of her party.Speaking in New Hampshire, Clinton acknowledged that instead of the “ownership society” that George W. Bush has promoted throughout his presidency, she prefers a “we’re all in it together society” where prosperity is “broadly shared.”

This is the sort of “it takes a village” rhetoric that tickles the ears of the left, and which can’t give up its romantic notions of a collectivist utopia.

Dreams of the left, however, always turn out to be nightmares, and the world has seen its share of all-in-it-together societies that have failed. The Soviet Union, East Germany, North Korea and the worker’s paradise/island prison of Cuba enter the mind right away.

Then there are the teetering soft-socialist systems of Europe, while socialist/communist power grabs now sapping the wealth and strength of Zimbabwe and Venezuela are contemporary lessons that can’t be ignored.

Given these examples, do we really want to turn America into another experiment in collectivism? Are we willing to trade hard-won freedoms for government-provided security? Would we be willing to force those who don’t want to participate into such a system?

Hillary’s Utopia…I prefer America.  And you?


3 Responses to “The Real Hillary’s Raw Socialism”

  1. Arnold K. Johnson Says:

    Hillary had a plan in 1993 to destroy our medical system. Fortunately the plan was so bad that no Democrat in Congress would touch it. Now she proposes a collectivist plan to destroy our economy, our whole way of life.

    Problem: With Bush in effect demanding that the country enact the Ted Kenndy Immigration Bill, he is destroying the Republican base and thereby helping to elect not only Hillary, but also a heavily Democratic Congress, a Senate that is philibuster proof. It is not just God protect us from Hillary, but also God protect us from Bush. Let us pray that when Congress returns next week that the Republican members of the House have heard from their constituents and defeat the Kennedy Immigration Bill.

  2. snooper Says:

    I have to agree with you on that one. This immigration deal is flat out wrong, IMO.

  3. The Real Hillary’s Raw Socialism « Freedom Ain’t Free Says:

    […] The Real Hillary’s Raw Socialism […]

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