Some People’s Kids


I don’t get it.  I read an article that seems to have that DNC Double Standard thing going.  At one  point the article condemns Hillary and her “better(?) half” for consorting with known thugs and at the same time praising their politics.  Huh?  It seems that their politics drives their relationships with known thugs…doesn’t it?

Earth to Froma Harrop!!  Anybody home?

Sometimes I forget why the Clintons disturb me. Then they offer a reminder. Case in point are reports that one of Hillary Clinton’s most pampered donors made big bucks off scams against the elderly.

The Clintons disturb her.

One recalls the dark days of the Lewinsky scandal, when people like me worked their darndest to drag Bill over the finish line of his last four years. We were not about to let the Republican leadership use a sex scandal as a pretense to overturn an election.

Froma Harrop disturbs me!  A “pretense”?  I guess immorality and adultery are OK to Froma?

But then what does Clinton do? In his last hours on the job he pardons Marc Rich, a fugitive moneybags charged with more than 50 counts of fraud, racketeering and tax evasion. This was done unblushingly and without concern for how it might reflect on Hillary, whose political career was just taking off.

Poor Hillary?  Hillary was the driving force there,  Froma.  Wake up!

So should one regret having saved Bill Clinton’s hide? Not one bit. We did it for the democracy. But let it be said that the sight of the pair finally vacating the White House provided much relief. As Hillary now runs for president and takes money tied to major-league creeps, that old sick feeling starts coming back.

Then why the support?

Come on, Hillary, show a little more class.

And there we have it.  As long as the socialist and known supporter of charlatanism doesn’t take money from thugs and scam artists and shows a little class, all is well.  God save us from ourselves.


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