She Began ‘Turning, Turning, Turning’ To Obama, Dodd Stance


OUCH! That had to hurt! NY Observer:

In a daring attempt to “foil the coppers”, Hillary slowly makes the turn. What evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! This particular article is “Rather” lengthy but well worth the time.

At Hillary Clinton’s first major Presidential fund-raiser back in February, an anti-war protester who had snuck into the event called on her to explain why she refused to end the war by simply cutting off funds for the troops.

“There is a fine line to walk here,” Mrs. Clinton said, explaining that she did in fact want to end the war but had serious reservations about blocking money earmarked for soldiers. “I do not feel comfortable cutting off funds that will keep them safe when they are sent on this mission.”

She wants to end the war because she has aspirations of being the CIC and she is NOT ready or remotely qualified to be a CIC of trash can cleaning, let alone CIC of American fighting forces.

“You go back a year and you see Hillary turning the corner,” said pollster John Zogby, whose polling has shown 90 percent of registered Democrats opposed to the President’s handling of the war in Iraq. “You see her turning, turning, turning, so that it gives all the appearances of a natural evolution. But what it is, is a full realization that a general-election strategy based on the inevitability of a Hillary nomination has been put aside.”

Mrs. Clinton’s staff cast the shift as a logical reaction to a changing situation.

And that is what drives Hillary. It ain’t quite in the bag…yet. She hasn’t hired the right thugs yet to dig all the dirt on Obama and the Breck Girl.

There is a lot of good points in this article. Click the link and read away!


2 Responses to “She Began ‘Turning, Turning, Turning’ To Obama, Dodd Stance”

  1. redhawk Says:

    If she Spins Left any faster, and I hope she does, she’ll spin herself into a BIG hole in the pig pen of the lunatic narcisstic left…

  2. snooper Says:

    That will make it easier to toss the dirt in over her!!

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