Sen. Clinton Defends Private Jet Travel


Want a little insight into the way the Clinton mind works? Watch how Hillary defends her use of private jets paid for by a guy who bilked millions of dollars out of senior citizens:

”Whatever I’ve done, I complied with Senate rules at the time. That’s the way every senator operates,” the Democratic presidential contender said in an interview with The Associated Press during a campaign stop in Las Vegas.

Clinton’s travel, along with and consulting fees paid to her husband, the former president, have come to light recently in a lawsuit against Vinod Gupta, a Clinton contributor and chief executive of the data company, InfoUSA Inc.

The lawsuit by company shareholders accuses Gupta of excessively spending millions of dollars, including $900,000 worth of travel on the Clintons.

Sen. Clinton, who complained about corporate America’s largesse and skyrocketing executive pay during campaign events Wednesday, said she did not believe her message was undermined by her acceptance of the private flights. In line with Senate rules then in effect, Clinton’s campaign has said she reimbursed Gupta at the cost of a first-class flight, typically a significant discount off the expense of a private jet.

Hillary the lawyer (and Bill too) always move the discussion to legal ethics (what was technically legal – often what I can get away with) rather than morality. She doesn’t discuss whether it was morally right to take money from a sleezeball who stole from the elderly or whether it seems hypocritical to sound off about the “haves and the have nots” when she is traveling via private jet at regular airfare rates. Nope, she says “I followed the rules at the time.” And she throws in an “everybody does it” just in case she needs further cover. Sounds like a teeenager making excuses.

Just like Mr. Edwards Hillary has no shame in promoting a steal from the rich and give to the poor populist strategy as long as she gets to keep her money and lifestyle. Nice work if you can get it I guess.


4 Responses to “Sen. Clinton Defends Private Jet Travel”

  1. snooper Says:

    Ethics? Hillary? What?

  2. Blandly Urbane Says:

    It depends upon what the meaning of is, is…

    She’s an as*hat

  3. snooper Says:

    LOL!! The Clintonistas DO have a vocabulary problem, don’t they?

  4. Sen. Clinton Defends Private Jet Travel « Freedom Ain’t Free Says:

    […] Sen. Clinton Defends Private Jet Travel […]

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