It Takes A Vain Personality


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Vanity. All is vanity. And there is nothing new under the sun. Such are the words in the book of Ecclesiastes, my favorite book in The Bible. Hillary has nothing new to offer because what she has to offer to the American People has already been offered up to them and has been rejected in times past. Such is the case here, albeit quite a few of the misguided and the touchy-feely emotional types have swallowed her drivel lock, stock and lock-step.

SEN. HILLARY CLINTON (D-NY), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: It’s time for a new beginning. For an end to government of the few by the few and for the few. Time to reject the idea of an on-your-own society and to replace it with shared responsibility for shared prosperity. I prefer a “we’re all in it together” society.


HANNITY: That was Senator Hillary Clinton yesterday in New Hampshire. So what is the senator really trying to say with those words?

Joining us now is our friend, author of a terrific book, “Words that Work”. Frank Luntz is with us.

It sounds to me like that’s — it takes a village 2.0, Frank.

FRANK LUNTZ, AUTHOR, “WORDS THAT WORK”: It’s that phrase, to end an “on-your-own society.” If there ever was an indication of where Hillary Clinton stands politically, ideologically, those are the words.

What she’s clearly saying is enough of individualism. We’re now going to do things collectively. Now, the American people do like the concept of we’re all in this together, but what they don’t want is to give up individual freedoms, individual rights.

I think that this rhetoric, if people pay attention to it carefully, they will see that this goes too far to the left, too close to social democracy rather than freedom. And I think she’ll have a problem with it in the general election.

And there we have it. Hillary and her ilk prefer do have our Federal Republic form of government as envisioned by our Framers replaced with a Socialist Democracy. And that is the path of incrementalism. This a dangerous crossroads for this country and our traditional American way of life.


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