The Beginning of the End?


From My Friend


26 Responses to “The Beginning of the End?”

  1. Norm Says:

    I hope you noticed that picture of Karl Marx in the oval office…Hillary justs
    loves the guy!

  2. snooper Says:

    Oh YEAH!! I saw it and she adores Freddy Engles as well!! If you have any more of these, send ’em to me!!

  3. redhawk Says:

    What a Marvelous take on Piano Legs Hyllarious.. wonder where the Screaming jacko Dean fits in, or under… After all she did show a rather large mouth!

  4. snooper Says:

    HEY redhawk!! Glad you liked the video!! Poor Czarina…a wanna-be!! LOL!

  5. redhawk Says:

    How about the real Scary plan that she’s finally coming out with after asession with Karl Soros and Lunatic Leftistas… Wealth redistribution to resemble a cross between the failed experiments of USSR, France, and Fidel’s … sounds to me that the Fragile narcisstic mind of the Lunatics Left is beginning to CRACK!

  6. snooper Says:

    They can see their doom and it scares them. They will soon develop another vocabulary to confuse the uneducated.

  7. Dean Says:

    Y’all are havin waaaay too much fun over here.

    So who will be sending this video to Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham and the rest?

    On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the top I vote 12+. Funniest dang video I’ve seen in a long time.

    hillary is ready for America but is America ready for hillary??? Hmmmm?

  8. snooper Says:

    Poor Hitlery. Perhaps she should move to Venezuela and practice her socialist trash there for a while.

  9. redhawk Says:

    Hillary has taken yet another Page on HIGHER taxes from the Mondale Text Book on How to Lose Elections… Oh well between Higher Taxes, and Higher Prices for goods and services which she’ll provoke with Higher Corporate taxes.. Is this a great Country or What???

  10. redhawk Says:

    .. have you all noticed that all of a sudden all 3 top Lunatic Leftoids of the Soros Klan are marching like ducks in line…
    Hillary says HIGHER TAXES and the Salon Girl and the O’Berry one say MEEE TOOo….. Does that mean that if one “get in” all 3 shall occupy the same bedroom???
    Just wondering since we see one .. we see all..

  11. snooper Says:

    It is indeed a great country and it will be much better when we rid the country of the Hillaries.

  12. snooper Says:

    redhawk…Peas in the same pod and birds of a feather, as it were.

  13. redhawk Says:

    … Off topic but didn’t the TWO faced Jon Effen Kerry remind anyone of the old Russian Double eagle???

  14. redhawk Says:

    wonder if Hitlerious also Shoiws Two in private quarter???

  15. redhawk Says:

    It would be an OUTSTANDING piece of service to the Nation If you could get the Video to Hannity, Laura, Michelle, Beck, and other who would be showing it!!!

  16. redhawk Says:

    After New Hanpshire… SCARY!!!

  17. Norm Says:

    If you watch that video one more time, pay attention to the logo at the end.
    I swear that looks a lot like Sen. Charles Schumer, the liberal from New York.

  18. snooper Says:

    LOL!! SCARY!!

  19. redhawk Says:

    Schmuckie in charge of????? Etiquette in eating habits( it has been said that hitlery refuses to eat next to him due to slappiness) or how to pander in the NYC streets for scraps??? Or is that TROLL for scraps???

  20. snooper Says:


  21. redhawk Says:

    Are we to understand that all the Lunatic pontifications regarding ” family unity” and other “high Moral” rethoric from the LOONIES is really only for VOTES??? How can we Not believe the Sincerity of these TROLLS???

  22. snooper Says:

    The Dementanoids pander to anyone they will if they can trick them into voting for the Party of Pandering.

  23. redhawk Says:

    Can’t trust those troll at all .. all they do is PIMP for votes…

  24. Norm Says:

    As most of you know by now I have been very critical of the main stream media (MSM), and critical it is!
    In watching the current crop of presidential want-to-be’s there is a noticeable bias from the MSM toward
    any one candidate depending on the network’s favorite

    The one candidate that harps on particular issues can rest assured that the network advocating those
    issues will design their newscast to promote the theme of the want-to-be. Aaha now! I caught them
    dead to rights! CBS News with Katie Couric did exactly that tonight 28 August 2007 !

    Without ever mentioning Hillary Clinton, everything at the top of the news mirrored Hillary’s campaign
    speeches. The script was as if Hillary wrote it herself ! Of course Hillary and Katie do have one thing
    in common: Truth is a malleable commodity, something to be stretched and smudged like silly putty
    on the Sunday funnies if the political cause is right. (I plagiarized that last line. Just thought it fit so nicely!)

    Anyone want to take bets that Katie’s vote will go to the wife of public enemy #1


    Oh, did I forget to tell you the CBS News Director is an FOB (Friend of Bill)

  25. snooper Says:

    Media bias In the MSM? Say it ain’t so!!

  26. redhawk Says:

    Especially NOT by the CBS network.. Nor from the :
    C rap
    B ureau
    S ewer

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