She Likes the Pork


Britt Hume, on The Rountable had some interesting “chats” over the weekend.  Obama’s and Hillary’s recent abandonment of the troops in harms way,  voted against the funding bill but said they like some of the items  in it…like pork.  They also have no spines, either.

BAIER: Senator Clinton said today that there were parts of that bill that she liked. I mean, she voted against the minimum wage hike.

FRED BARNES, “WEEKLY STANDARD”: She liked the pork, particularly.

But, look, I think when you have a war this is a time that calls for courage by our political leaders. Now what would be courage in this case? Political courage is when you go against — when you go against your electorate. And now the electorate right now, for Obama and Hillary Clinton is these at-large bodies of Democratic activists, represented by and all these other lefty groups and antiwar groups. That is the electorate for them now, because that group will have such a large influence in picking the 2008 Democratic presidential nominee.

So — now wait at minute though. So, what did Obama and Hillary do? I think the courageous step would have been to go against that electorate and do what they promised to do in the first place, which is was vote to fund the troops. Instead they caved, into that group. And the one thing this was not was an act of courage on their parts. Quite the opposite.


One Response to “She Likes the Pork”

  1. redhawk Says:

    She has to… She is aporker after all!!!

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