Hillary Hates It That Businesses Make Money


She wants everyone to be equally broke and for the government to be unequally wealthy. What does SHE plan on doing with HER millions? Hmmmmmmmmmm?

This woman makes me sick all because she espouses communistic ways and means and she makes it sound so good.  News to the moron Hillary…socialism and communism ALWAYS fails in the end, you idiot!!  Move to Venezuela if you want that lifestyle.  I will accept your drivel over my dead body!  Moron.

Reuters…Clinton proposes cutting corporate tax breaks

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (Reuters) – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said on Tuesday she might seek to scrap certain corporate tax breaks and subject CEO pay to public scrutiny if elected president in November 2008.

One of the front-running candidates in a large field of Democrats, Clinton — the former first lady — outlined her vision for the economy during a campaign stop in New Hampshire, home of one of the first presidential election primaries.

Speaking at the Manchester School of Technology, Clinton accused President George W. Bush, due to leave office in January 2009, of caring mainly about the country’s wealthiest citizens while ignoring the rest.

It’s like the trickle down economics without the trickle,” she said.

She said she would advocate tax code changes that would keep jobs at home although she offered little in the way of specifics. She said she would require oil companies to invest in alternative technologies or pay higher taxes.

“It is one thing for the marketplace to encourage overseas investment, it’s another thing for our tax code to do it,” Clinton said in what her campaign billed as a major policy address.

“We will consider eliminating the deduction for the actual cost of moving jobs. There should be no advantage given to anyone who takes jobs and ships overseas at the disadvantage of our workforce.”

That folks is Big Government controlling EVERY aspect of your lives.  You want that?  What will be next?  Controlling the size of your family?  Which days of the week you won’t have to stand in line for food?

Czarina…an appropriate title.


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