Hillary and the “New Strategy” In Iraq


Yeah.  Right,  Hillary.  And just what would that be?  This old warrior would like to know what YOUR combat experience is that entitles YOU to know what your “new strategy” might be.  Isn’t it YOUR party that makes the claim that a CIC should have some military background?  Wasn’t YOUR “better half” a draft dodger?  And wasn’t that YOU that supported him?

Your little waltz around the issue was “Rather” revealing: Newsbloggers

Voting against the troop funding bill just passed by Congress, Hillary Clinton said America needs a “new strategy” in fighting the Islamic radicals. Perhaps we should consider the Clinton strategy put into effect in the late 1990s by her husband Bill.

Khobar Towers attack? No response. Bin Laden declares war on America? No response. The bombing of our two embassies in East Africa? Clinton drops a bomb on a pharmaceutical factory in the Sudan and fires a couple of cruise missiles into Afghanistan, killing two camels. The suicide attack against the U.S.S. Cole? No response.

 Hillary?  Would your “new strategy” be that as your husband’s strategy was?  Nothing?

“I fully support our troops,” but the measure “fails to compel the president to give our troops a new strategy in Iraq ,” Clinton said.  aol news

I know I have mentioned this before,  Miss Czarina, BUT wasn’t it YOU and the Senate that confirmed the new Commander and wasn’t it YOU and the Senate that agreed with the “new strategy”?

If you really do support the troops, Miss Czarina,how about shutting up and actually support them instead of posturing for political gain?


4 Responses to “Hillary and the “New Strategy” In Iraq”

  1. Rue-Mur Says:

    Your good! What you write (most of what I’ve read) is on target! Suggestion for your attempts to spread the word about the BFH (Hellory), spread your stuff out at sites like RealClearPolitics.Com, the more you stack your “suggestions” the less likely anyone is going to vote you onto any front page. Let’s roll!

  2. snooper Says:

    These are posted every day, at various times, at Real Clear Politics and other places. Thanks for the kind words.

    This woman is dangerous and cannot be allowed to become the POTUS. It is sad and bad enough that she is a Senator.

  3. Czarina’s New Strategy? « Freedom Ain’t Free Says:

    […] Stop Her Now Blog (come join us) […]

  4. redhawk Says:

    OK OK I GIVE UP.. Which strategy is she talking about today???

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