Can You Believe This Crap?


I don’t even think Hillary does.  She merely knows how to talk the talk and the gullible fall all over themselves when they hear Czarina ramble so…all she is interested in is Power and Control.

It is the question that every presidential candidate must have a good answer to: Why do you want the job?

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton had a pretty punchy, pithy response this afternoon in Nashua, N.H., when a voter, Marilyn Learner – who has been leaning toward a Clinton rival, Senator Christopher Dodd – approached her with the query. Here’s the exchange, which took place at Martha’s Exchange, a restaurant popular with politicians.

Ms. Learner (tentatively): “Can I ask you a very naïve question?”

Mrs. Clinton (pursed lip smile, nodding): “Yeah.”

Ms. Learner (a little exuberantly): “Why do you want this job?!”

Mrs. Clinton (lol): “Well, the mess we’re in is so bad, I’m the only one with the experience to begin turning it around. And what can they do to me? I’ve been through it all.”

Ms. Learner, who took Mrs. Clinton to mean the Republicans when she said “they,” liked the answer quite a bit.

“‘She looked me in the eye and answered my question, directly and with some humor, and it seemed very genuine to me,” Ms. Learner said. “I feel more predisposed to her than I did before.”

Another one bites the dust, as it were.  We have a lot of work to do to re-educate these gullible people.  Good Lord above!  She is “the only one that has the experience to begin turning it [the mess we are in] around?  Compared to Edwards and Obama, she may be correct.  However, against ANYONE else in the GOP,  she is a far cry from being in touch with reality.

The economy is booming.  We have the LOWEST unemployment figures in the history of the United States.  We have the most prosperous companies in the known universe.  We are winning this Global War On Terror and this IDIOT says we are in a mess, eh?

The “mess” she (Hillary) is alluding to MUST be that we are NOT drifting in the direction she wants us to go and that would be towards her demented socialist dogma.

Like I have been saying for years, this woman is dangerous.  She has aspirations to be the first female Czar (Czarina) of the New United Socialist States of the American Continent.  After all,  she likes Chavez.


3 Responses to “Can You Believe This Crap?”

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  3. redhawk Says:

    Saw her AIDS message ONLY addressing White Women… NOW Singing Ministers Jackson and Sharptons where are YOU??? You People really Need you so=ince Hitlery doesn’t give acrap about the Millions of Blacks in Africa nor the USA dying everyday.. They don’t vote after all…

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