Wrong Flag, Hillary


Hillary Clinton Swings Through Iowa

Hillary Clinton

Clinton’s staff office noted that the campaign will be spending the next three weekends in a row in Iowa, had been expanding offices around the state and is very much committed to Iowa. A recent Des Moines Register poll has Clinton coming in third after Barack Obama and John Edwards, which also might have put the campaign on the defensive regarding this state.

Clinton had meetings with Iowans in different parts of the state. She opened in Mason City saying, “It’s so great to be back in Iowa, I am going to spend so much time in Iowa I’ll be able to caucus for myself.”

Other references to the state were mentioned throughout, including ethanol and issues important to Iowans. She also mentioned her husband Bill Clinton, saying, “He is probably the most popular man in the world right now.”

Ya.  Sure.  I wonder why he is so “popular”,  Hillary.  Is he still “dating” that Candian hussy?

Do we want this kind of activity in the White House…AGAIN???


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  2. snooper Says:

    Yes and yes

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