Two Peas


Clintons wedding

The book,”A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton,” isn’t slated for official release until June 5, but ABC News was able to purchase a copy this weekend at a Washington-area bookstore.

Bernstein writes that Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs began in their courtship. But perhaps none was more potent, according to Bernstein, than the former president’s relationship with a wealthy Arkansas divorcee — Marilyn Jo Jenkins.

Jenkins’ name is not new to Clinton followers. Her relationship with the former president was mentioned in at least two other books written in the 1990s. Indeed, members of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign team have sought to downplay the book as “old news.” However, Bernstein offers some new details about the struggles caused by that affair.

I betcha she wishes she had NOT said “I do”.  Ya see?  She couldn’t be trusted with important decisions back then, either.

What makes us believe she will be any different now?  She changes with the wind,  you know.

ABC News


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  1. redhawk Says:

    AWWW SHUCKS HONEY.. I am going out with the Boys to get SOME.. see ya later!!!

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