Even the Democrats Know Hillary Is A Liar


From Dallas News:

In the Huffington Post (Arianna “it’s going that way, anyway” Huff and Puff) we read:

“In a 1939 radio address, Franklin Roosevelt declared, “Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.” When it comes to Iraq, Hillary Clinton is doing everything in her power to prove him wrong – repeatedly trying to rewrite history and belatedly catch up with public opinion against the war.” [quoting Roosevelt like this is “Rather” funny seeing thyat the Democrats do that ALL the time. Now, they eat one of their own for using the same techniques.]

“She did it during the first Democratic presidential debate, and she was at it again this week on the Today show.”

“The issue was former president Bill Clinton’s campaign trail complaints that it’s unfair for Barack Obama to be characterized as more anti-war than Hillary, since they hold essentially the same position on the war.” [and now they should apply the Fairness Doctrine?]

“Mr. Lauer then asked Hillary, “Was there a fundamental difference in 2002 between you and him?”

“Instead of honestly explaining her transformation from pro-war supporter to cheerleader of the war’s progress to tentative opponent of the war to her current incarnation as long-term opponent of the war, Hillary skipped right over the unpleasant past: “Well, you know, Matt, I think the important thing is for the Democrats to be united in trying to either persuade or require this president to change this direction now – that’s what all of us in the Senate are trying to do.” Sure, why answer the question when you can divert attention and blur the differences between you and your opponents?” [these democrats are really funny some times. Get over it. Hillary is your chosen vassal. She is a liar and Queen of Flip-Flop]

The article is “Rather” long so click and read. However, pay attention to the context of how the article ends. It paints a true picture, albeit an ugly one, of the Czarina Clinton.

“…In the facts-at-our-fingertips age of the Internet, Hillary’s blur-the-past strategy on Iraq takes a lot of chutzpah.”


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