Clintons On InfoUSA Payroll


This is absolutely despicable! Here she is whining how the rich are exploiting the poor and Good Ole Boy Bill rakes in the cash from an outfit linked to “a key provider of databases that enable criminals to defraud the unsuspecting elderly.”

Must be that Clintonista Double Standard thing…

Have they no shame?


One Response to “Clintons On InfoUSA Payroll”

  1. snooper Says:

    “…Last week, Hillary Clinton sought and obtained an extension of time to file her financial-disclosure statement for the presidential race. This will tell us more than her Senate statements – she’s required to list not just the sources of Bill’s income but exactly how much they paid him. While Sen. Clinton offered no reason for the postponement, we can’t help suspecting that she hopes to conceal InfoUSA’s payments to her husband while the company is under fire…”

    Imagine that…didn’t the Democrats “promise” to have the most honest and open CONgress? What happened?

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