Obama Shreds Hillary


And then he shines the illumination devices on his own inexperience coupled with his own stupidity. If it wasn’t so pitiful watching these blow-hards tear each other apart, it would be funny.

From the New York Post:
Barack Obama flashed his fangs yesterday as he tore into rival Hillary Rodham Clinton over her pinwheeling position on the Iraq war – the first time the Illinois senator has shredded the Democratic front-runner.[Pinwheeling is a good word for Hillary’s flipping and flopping and flapping on and on about the various positions she has taken on the Global War On Terror. And it isn’t so difficult to “shred” Hillary over this but contributing a shredding from Obama is quite laughable.]

Obama, who has hyped his 2002 opposition to the Iraq invasion, ripped the former first lady after being asked on MSNBC about her husband, Bill Clinton’s, recent remark that Obama’s “voting record and Hillary’s are almost identical, I think, on all the relevant issues.” [The key phrase here is “I think”. That means he isn’t or wasn’t sure…again with the non-committal committal garbage so prominent within the Democratic Party. They sure can whine a lot but they most assuredly have NOT offered anything of substance as an alternative avenue to pursue.]

“I suppose that’s true if you leave out the fact that she authorized it and supported it, and I said it was a bad idea,” Obama shot back. [That was a pretty good come-back but his record isn’t all that swift either.]

“That’s a fairly major difference.” [Not really. Think about it. Hillary is now against the war. Obama said he always was against the war. Either position is defeatist in nature and practicalities. There is NO negotiating with Jihadists…PERIOD. Jihadists consider negotiations as a sign of weakness and a few weeks back when the Democrats were demanding defeat and cut and run ignorance,the Jihadists rejoiced. Clues and evidence is foreign to the Democrats.]

He stayed on the attack by accusing Bill and Hillary Clinton of trying to blur her transition from an Iraq hawk to one of the war’s most vocal critics. [Not so much as to blur Hillary’s obvious stupidities but to distract from Obama’s own ignorance and/or cowardice.]

“I think very highly of Sen. Clinton. I think she’s a wonderful senator from New York, and I think highly of Bill Clinton, but I think it’s fair to say that we have had a fundamentally different opinion on the wisdom of this war,” Obama said. [This is typical political horse hockeys and is so transparent that it nearly causes severe hurling of the abdominal tract contents…projectile vomit, as it were.]

“I don’t think we can revise history when it comes to that.” [More gobbedygook]

Obama – stagnant in recent primary polls and trailing Clinton by double digits in several surveys – had previously avoided attacking her head-on over her frequently rechoreographed dance around the Iraq war.

Sen. Clinton’s campaign team declined to comment on Obama’s broadside. [What COULD they say? He is right? LOL!!]

I could go on and on with this article but it would be more of the same.

Hillary is an idiot. Obama is an idiot. Which idiot will they choose?


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